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Maximum Scripts refers to how many individual scripts you can upload to your account.

With the Free-trial plan the limit is 2 total scripts.

With the Basic plan the limit is 12 scripts per year (so in year 2 you can have a total of 24 scripts).

With the Pro plan there are no script limits.

Script sharing refers to both sharing your scripts with other Members, and them sharing their scripts with you. To keep things simple we allow unlimited sharing in both directions - you can share your scripts with any number of Members, and you can accept any number of script shares from other Members.

The only thing we limit is how many of your own scripts you can upload, depending on which Plan you choose.

All plans have access to the Visual Analytics tools. These are the graphs and charts we create automatically from your script file.

See the Demo page for examples of what the visuals look like.

We offer two Story Structure tools to help you organize your script. One works with the Paradigm models like Save the Cat, Syd Field, or Hero's Journey. The other is the Story Metrics tool that let you assign values to each Scene in your screenplay using categories you define (like level of suspense or humor, or degree of conflict).

These features are only available to our paid Subscribers.

See the Story Structures tab on the Features page for some examples.

The Table Read tool is used to create a reading event that you can schedule, automatically cast, and allow members to Join. Participants can then use our unique LiveScript™ tool to add comments and emoticons ("script-tags") directly onto the script for valuable and instant feedback.

This feature is only available to our paid Subscribers.

At the Pro level we offer customized Plans for groups who work with many scripts and/or many readers, including:

  • Teachers
  • Writing groups
  • Script consultants
  • Contest organizers
  • Studios

For details and rates please contact us.